Weird Criminal Law Stories # 421: Hard Time???

ENGLAND: The headline read: “This guy is facing some hard time.” Authorities say they got a rise when they discovered an illicit stash of half a million pills for erectile dysfunction in a house in suburban London. They arrested the 37-year-old man there for possessing unauthorized medication.

ENGLAND: Dicey spicy? Four homes in Manchester had to be evacuated after a neighbor cooking an extremely spicy chili sent caustic fumes throughout the neighborhood. A group of college students getting ready for a Halloween party thought there was a gas leak when they rushed outside because of the toxic air, only to find their neighbor apologizing to everyone in the neighborhood.


FLORIDA: What kind of dance was it? We learn a young man was having a good time dancing on the top of a parked Hillsborough County sheriff’s police car and sipping from a bottle of brandy/ Emanuel Figueroa, 20, even spit at the deputy arresting him. Figueroa was charged with threats against a police officer and other charges

SCOTLAND: It was reported that in early October hungry thieves made off with nearly $70,000 of Kellogg’s breakfast bars. The thieves apparently snuck a tractor-trailer container with nearly 20,000 pounds of the cereal snacks out of a Lockerbie parking area sometime around 2:30 am on a Thursday morning. None of the snack bars have turned up and no arrests have been made.


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