Weird Criminal Law Stories # 422: Really nailed it!

ENGLAND: He really “nailed” this job! A British house builder had to be rescued from the roof of a home in the city of Essex in October after he nailed his hand to a wooden rafter. The unnamed 30-year-old had been using a high powered nail gun at the time of the accident. The woebegone man spent 45 minutes on the roof before he was rescued by firefighters.


NEW MEXICO: Oh, how quickly can the worms turn… An awkward thief found himself getting “held up” at gunpoint after his victims cornered him with their possession in his car. We learn that when Albuquerque police arrived they found a 66-year-old woman and her 70-year-old husband both pointing guns at the man who had allegedly burglarized their home and tried to make off with their belongings. The police revealed that 26-year-old Aaron Lujan had been released from jail one day earlier.


FLORIDA: Gone in 60 seconds… After a teen was sentenced to probation for auto theft, he left the court house with a sheath of legal papers. Those same documents were later found by police in the front seat of a stolen car. When St. Petersburg officers called the young man to arrange for him to pick up the court papers, he showed up in what? Yep another stolen car! He was ultimately arrested for theft of both cars.


PENNSYLVANIA: A tragedy with a big payoff. It has been reported that a Philly man left paralyzed from the neck down when his relatives tipped over a port-a-potty while he was inside has settled a lawsuit against the relatives and the potty manufacturer for $5 million. Don Adams was on a comping trip with two cousins at the time. The cousins backed up their truck to the port-a-potty to lock Adams inside as a prank. Unfortunately, the truck inadvertently knocked down the potty and Adams landed on his neck causing several cervical fractures that rendered him a quadriplegic

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