Weird Criminal Law Stories # 423: He Still Be Dead!

PENNSYLVANIA: You’re sorry but he still be dead! It has been reported that a woman in the town of Erie who fatally punched a 63-year-old named Paris Hilton, faces up to five years in prison. Sandra Gray maintains Hilton made unwanted sexual advances toward her. She pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter before an Erie County judge. Her defense attorney says Gray did mean to kill him.


TEXAS: Cookie Monster, really? Gene Bradshaw, 25, also known as “cookie monster,” was arrested on a Thursday for more than 300 robberies at fast food restaurants in Texas, where he would allegedly demand cookies as well as cash. Bradshaw and his suspected accomplice, Kristy G, 25, face charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.


VIRGINIA: Arachnophobia?? A state prosecutor is in trouble. Why? He went to a Halloween office party that was decorated for the holiday and included a goodly number of plastic spiders. Logan County assistant prosecutor Chris White, who has a severe arachnophobia, freaked out upon seeing the spiders. He pulled out a handgun and threatened to shoot them. Although no one was hurt, Mr. White was suspended indefinitely.


VIRGINIA: Johnny Reb, your side lost! A man is in hot water with police over his Confederate-flag license plates. “I will go to jail before I change those tags,” said Kevin Collier, who is described as a loud and proud good ol’ boy. He refuses to remove his sons of Confederate Veterans license plate even though state lawmakers voted to ban the Confederate tags, which on October 4, 2015 became invalid.

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