Weird Criminal Law Stories # 429:Bacon Inside a Mosque???

FLORIDA: Bacon inside a mosque is never good! Vandalism at Mosque called a Hate Crime. We learn that an attack earlier this year at a mosque using raw bacon and a machete could perhaps draw a Brevard County man a sentence of up to life in prison as a result of a recently added hate-crime enhancement to Florida law. Michael Wolfe, 35, was charged with armed burglary of a structure and criminal mischief of a place of worship in connection with the New Year’s Eve break-in and desecration of the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in Titusville. An arrest report reveals that the convicted felon acted alone, broke into the empty mosque with a machete at night, slashing at windows and other property before leaving behind a slab of raw bacon in and around the front door. Wolfe’s actions in the mosque were recorded on surveillance video. The State Attorney reviewed the case and brought formal charges on both counts which now carry hate-crime enhancements, which means the potential sanctions in the event of a conviction are increased. We learned that in the case of the armed burglary the enhancement could now draw a life sentence. Pork meat is looked upon as unclean by muslims.


FRANCE: Things don’t always go better with coke, stupid! A woman was so curious about the quality of her cocaine that she walked into a police station and asked gendarmes to test it. The 43-year-old asked police in Toulouse to examine two bags of cocaine and one bag of crack “because she wanted to know if it was good quality,” said police. Of course she was arrested and sent to jail.


NEW YORK:  ISIS IDIOT!! A Rochester pizzeria owner who admitted he tried to recruit people for ISIS was sentenced in March 2106 to 22 ½ years in prison. Mufid Elfgeeh, who owned a convenience store and pizza shop, had pleaded guilty in November, 2015 to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Authorities contend he tried to recruit three people to join ISIS to fight in Syria. According to court filings, Elfgeeh has renounced ISIS since his arrest in 2014. Elfgeeh was born in Yemen and is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Idiot!




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