Weird Criminal Law Stories # 430: Wobbles the Gunrunner

NEW YORK CITY: “Woes of the fat felon…” William “Wobbles” Soler, a 500-pound accused gunrunner, was back in court recently but had major problems fitting into the courthouse elevators and, even briefly shutting down a courtroom because of his size. Wobbles and his extra-wide wheelchair could not fit into the inmate-transport elevators of the courthouse, so he was hoisted by way of the freight elevator to his 15th scheduled Bronx court appearance for allegedly leading a crew that sold 93 guns to undercover police officers. Once in the courtroom Wobbles had to remain on the audience side of the courtroom. Why? His wheelchair was too wide to reach the defense table. When it was time for him to confer with his lawyers about a possible pleas deal, the courtroom had to be completely cleared of others in order that he could have privacy to confer with his lawyer. There is no immediate follow up news as to whether a plea deal had been accepted. This was in May 2016.



NEW YORK CITY: Woes of the fat felon…Part 2! In follow up to the previous story we learn that gunrunner William “Wobbles” Soler, who had shed 80 of his 550 pounds since his arrest a year earlier, whined about his health in late June 2016 after a Bronx judge sentenced him to 15 years behind bars following his guilty plea. “I’m dying,” said Soler while flipping the bird to reporters from his extra-wide wheelchair while leaving court. His lawyer said,“…Soler has many serious health problems, which explain the weight loss more than his jail diet.” The attorney refused to clarify Soler’s comment or further explain his medical conditions. Soler actually pled guilty on June 1, 2016 to 21 charges in a 365-count criminal indictment, allowing him to dodge a 25-year prison sentence.




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