Weird Criminal Law Stories # 434: China’s Forbidden Fruit

CHINA: They term it China’s “forbidden fruit.” It has been reported that officials have banned videos in China of attractive people eating bananas. Web firms have been forced to crack down on users, often beautiful women, who stream videos of themselves chowing down on what is considered the “phallic fruit.” Government officials started cracking down on such videos in May 2016, declaring a war against “inappropriate and erotic” web content.


BRAZIL: Ha, ha – some joke… A man was arrested for trying to extinguish the Olympic torch by throwing a bucket of water over it as it passed through the farming town of Maracaju in Brazil in late June 2016. Police arrested the 27-year-old-man at the scene for damaging public property. A video of the incident showed that the Olympic flame continued to burn. The unidentified man faces a 6 month to a three year prison sentence for his stunt. The man said he tried to extinguish the flame as a joke.


ALABAMA: Big, big fright! It has been reported that an intruder wearing nothing but a Ronald Reagan mask and sock covering his genitals gave an Alabama couple quite a fright. Bart Yancey saw the skulking man in his front hallway when he went to take out the garbage. Upon seeing Yancey, the masked intruder ran off without taking anything or hurting anyone.


ARIZONA:  Burrito Smuggling – some snack, huh? A woman was arrested for smuggling a burrito stuffed with a pound of crystal meth over the Arizona border from Mexico. Customs authorities discovered that Susy Laborin’s Mexican food had an extra kick to it after drug-sniffing dogs targeted her bag. The bag allegedly contained two burritos, one of which held the “speed.” The meth was valued by Customs agents at $3,000.


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