Weird Criminal Law Stories # 478: RUFF JUSTICE…

FLORIDA: The headline said it was “Ruff justice.”  Police were summoned to arrest a pizza-parlor burglar found inside the business. Police say they asked the alleged burglar, identified as Joseph Pellegrini, at Hungry Howie’s in Winter Haven to step out – or face a police dog. Pellegrini decided to stay put. Minutes later K9 Recon entered, bit him on the leg and, after a struggle, the suspect was quietly arrested. Ruff, Ruff…



MICHIGAN: Fishy Story… A thief snatched several fish from a protected river – then tried to flee the scene on a unicycle, wildlife officials report. The thief was hauling a stringer full of bass when police pulled over his odd getaway vehicle near Battle Creek. Yes, he was arrested for catching, with intent to sell the freshwater fish.


MICHIGAN: Don’t cry over this spilt milk. A tanker truck carrying 11,000 gallons of milk overturned in late April in Port Huron Township, spilling at least 2,000 gallons onto Interstate 94. The rig’s driver had swerved avoiding an out of gas Nissan stopped in the right lane, but ended up clipping the car and flipping.


MICHIGAN: Flasher, maybe? A 45-year-old woman in Saginaw was annoyed she had to re-enter metal detectors at the county’s government building. So, she did the only reasonable thing she could think of – she flashed her bare breasts at deputies, according to authorities. The woman then pulled down her pants to prove she had no contraband. Yes, she was arrested for indecent exposure.



MINNESOTA: “Cheesed off?” It has been reported that a local man “cheesed off” the local police department by calling 911 for lasagna advice. The cook asked the Edina Police Department’s emergency line in mid-May 2017, what ingredient he could substitute for cheddar cheese. When the dispatcher threatened to hang up because the problem was not life threatening, the man responded, “When I die, then it’s on you,” before hanging up himself.



FLORIDA:  Uninvited for fried chicken and vodka? An Alachua County woman came home to find a stranger frying chicken on her stove and drinking her vodka, according to sheriff’s deputies. The suspect, Ronald Wesley, 34, was arrested at the home. He also had prior arrests for theft.


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