Weird Criminal Law Stories # 479: Happy Mother’s Day….

OREGON: Happy Mother’s Day – Bang, Bang… Two brothers got into it at a barbeque for their mother on Mother’s Day, 2017, with one pulling out a rifle and opening fire on the other in the town of Lebanon. Billy Jack Gomez was arrested for attempted murder for shooting at, but missing his brother Hunter.



MICHIGAN: Headline: “Courthouse security working the metal detector went ape!” The story is about the courthouse in Bay City – when they found a live monkey in a woman’s bag. “I pushed the button for it to go through when the bag started making noises,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Pat McIver. “I was like, ‘What was that?’” Linda Stevenson said it was her squirrel monkey, Apollo, and agreed to leave him in her car.


TENNESSEE: Anglers with too many fish moon landowner. Police arrested two fishermen for allegedly catching more than the legal amount of fish. The arrests came after a landowner reported the two men trespassing by Yellow Creek, officials said. When the owner confronted them, they “mooned” him and tipped over a nearby porta-potty. Mark Jones, 35, and Robert Wilridge, 28, were caught with 35 small mouth bass, 30 more bass than allowed.


OKLAHOMA: The headline read: “At least the dog had fun.” A woman allegedly used a hammer to smash up and rob an Oklahoma City fast-food restaurant, then took off running with her pit bull. Clara Aguirre, 26, and her dog didn’t get away from pursuing police, but the dog was thrilled with the chase. “Her dog was actually running with the cops thinking that this was a very fun game,” said OKC police Lt. Jeff Spruill.


OREGON: Nope, not the bars they wanted. Police in Bend, arrested two 17-year-old boys for allegedly selling fake gold bars, officials said. The boys made more than $30,000 from the fraudulent Craigslist sales, police report. Yes, they are now behind jail bars.


OREGON: “Irony, indeed!” Christian Powell, 23, was arrested recently for DUI after plowing his Ford Ranger into a big blue sign—for a drug and alcohol-treatment center, police report. Powell also hit three parked cars and The Crossroads treatment center itself in the town of Rosenberg, Oregon.



PENNSYLVANIA: “An open-air getaway, maybe!” Police are on the lookout for a thief who escaped on the hood of his getaway car. Philadelphia police say Joseph Diperson, 36, stole power tools from a Home Depot in May, and then punched an off- duty police officer who tried to stop him in the parking lot. Diperson then fled on top of a car driven by an accomplice, police report.


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