Weird Criminal Law Stories # 480: It wasn’t a stairway to heaven!

GEORGIA: It sure wasn’t a stairway to heaven! A work crew hired by a Decatur landlord to repair old stairs instead removed the whole staircase – stranding residents in the two-story walk-up. After firefighters assisted with a recue ladder, the landlord said he would pay for the resident’s hotel stays while their apartments are inaccessible.



MAINE: Itchy & Scratchy, maybe? A man was so furious that he did not qualify for financial help, he released 100 live bedbugs inside of Augusta’s City Hall. The unidentified man slammed a cup full of the little bloodsuckers on an office counter, sending then scattering – and forcing officials to close the building for a clean-up. “We’ve never had anything as yucky as this,” said City manager William Bridgeo.



PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read: No onions – or else! A man upset because his food had included onions, was arrested for threatening to shoot a Pittsburgh restaurant owner and then exposing himself. It appears that Yuba Sharma, 43, ate at the All Indiana restaurant on a Monday before coming back the next day, Tuesday, to threaten violence and drop his pants. He was books for threats and indecent exposure.



RHODE ISLAND: IRONY? A thief was filmed by surveillance camera – stealing three surveillance cameras. He was recorded hiding the three security cameras in his jacket at a Walmart in Warwick, then walking out of the store and driving away in a silver van. The suspect is still on the lam.



UNITED KINGDOM: Busted! A British pot smoker was so paranoid that someone was hiding in his attic, he called police to his home – where they found a large stash of marijuana. Police arrested Kane Spargo, 33, of Camborne after the officers discovered $1,500 worth of weed and $940 in cash in the attic.


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