Weird Criminal Law Stories # 481: Her career Rocked!

NEVADA: The headline read, “Her career has been Rocked.” Las Vegas Judge Heidi Almase lost her seat in an election in June after she faked an endorsement from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and criticized her opponent for being married to a criminal-defense lawyer. Almase sent a post-election mailer reading, “For disappointing those attorneys and the public, you have my personal apology.”


TEXAS: Hidden where the sun don’t shine. A woman who made headlines in 2015 for allegedly hiding a loaded gun where the “sun don’t shine,” was sentenced this past week of June to probation for drug possession. Ashly Castaneda, 33 denies hiding the gun in her vagina. However, a police matron says she found it there and removed it after her arrest.


TEXAS: A diehard fan? A Texas football fan begged a judge for permission to wear his Dallas Cowboys jersey – to his double murder trial. Thomas Randolph, 62, was accused of killing his sixth wife and a hit man – and would like to wear a Tony Romo jersey to court, saying he simply loves the team. Of course, he declined to comment on whether the sports gear might sway the jury in his favor, according to a report.


UTAH: Some days you bite the bear and some days the bear bites you. A Highway Patrolman pulled over a man in May 2017, on Interstate 80 with overly tinted windows and found the man was carrying 200 pounds of marijuana, according to authorities. The suspect, 67, turned out to be a retired Atlanta police detective who allegedly told authorities; “Sometimes you and sometimes you lose. Today wasn’t my day.



WEST VIRGINIA: It was the easiest arrest ever. Stacy Foster, 39, was recently charged with burglary and destruction of property after allegedly breaking into a home in Winfield – and then falling asleep in the homeowner’s bed, polices said.



WYOMING: Neither of her excuses made the grade! A college student said she wasn’t shoplifting – only doing research for a paper on kleptomania. Lydia Cormaney, 23, was arrested in mid-June after trying to leave a Walmart with nearly $1,900 worth of merchandise, authorities report. The Gillette Community College student first told officers she began shoplifting after moving away from her cluttered roommate. Then she switched t

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