Weird Criminal Law Stories # 482: Well hydrated…

NEW JERSEY: The headline read, “He was well hydrated.” A driver was arrested after he smashed into mailbox and a fire hydrant in Parsippany, then drove around with the hydrant stuck to his car. Motorist Domingo Moreno was arrested at a diner after police followed a trail of water from the accident scene to a nearby home, where Moreno had allegedly thrown the hydrant into the trach.


SOUTH AFRICA: The headline read: “Good they weren’t stealing watermelons.” We learn that police are in trouble after videos emerged of them catching apple thieves and then pelting the suspects with the stolen fruit. Western Cape officials are investigating the potential misconduct. OUCH!


COLORADO: Not the best time to leave a note? A man broke into a home, wrote a note, ate cookies and drank milk before waking up children in the house to ask for help, police said. The 33-year-old man was charged with burglary and criminal mischief, even though his note said he had no idea where he was, according to police in the town of Fruita.


MONTANA: Libel? We learn that a Montana State University professor is suing Walmart for libel after a store employee allegedly listed the teacher’s occupation as “toilet cleaner.” Gilbert Kalonde, assistant professor of technology education, says he was filling out forms for a fishing license when the employee made the weird entry for “occupation.” Kalonde said the incident spurred “hatred, contempt, ridicule,” and is seeking unspecified damages.



NEPAL: Solo double trouble. Health or weather issues did not defeat a South African man trying to scale Mount Everest solo. Instead, Sean Davy, 43, was stopped and ordered off the mountain in May for climbing alone without buying an $11,000 permit officials report. Davy will also be fined $22,000 – double the permit price charged by the Nepalese government


NEVADA: The headline read, “He couldn’t “bear” the criticism. A biologist is suing bear-protection advocates at Lake Tahoe he accuses of harassing and threatening him through a “vicious and calculated” social-media campaign that paints him as a corrupt bear murderer who should be imprisoned – or worse. We would like to learn more about this story.




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