Weird Criminal Law Stories #496: Clueless fool…

CONNECTICUT: Clueless bank robber? A bank robber wrote a demand note the back of his girlfriend’s pay stub, according to a police report. Steven Maya, 20, allegedly gave a teller the note at the TD Bank in the town of Seymour and escaped with a few hundred dollars. Police turned over the note and quickly found Steven at his girlfriend’s house.


FLORIDA: What a blockhead.  It has been reported that a Dunkin’ donuts customer attempted to pay for coffee with prescription pain pills, according to police.  Richard Bourque, 30, allegedly offered up the pills at a shop in Pinellas Park. When the cashier turned him down, he snatched the coffee and walked out without paying. We learn that the man was later arrested.


NEW MEXICO: Strange theft… Thieves in this state recently got a surprise when they stole a couple’s SUV and U-Haul trailer, with a casket and a body inside it. A   short time after the Albuquerque hotel parking lot theft, police recovered the abandoned 2005 Chevy Trailblazer and trailer with the remains of the woman’s father. The couple had been driving from Oklahoma to bury the man in his hometown of Kirkland New Mexico.


NEVADA: Hottie pursuit? A woman stole a paramedic’s ambulance in Las Vegas and led police on a 50-mile chase on the highway to California. The woman had stolen the vehicle outside of a pharmacy in early September. She only put the brakes on and ended the chase when she realized the police were about to use tire spikes.


INDIANA: He should have stopped for gas, instead. A man who robbed a BP filling station made off with cash but was caught a short time later. Why? The robber had run out of gas. LaPorte police report that Sean Harris, 33, told the clerk he had a gun and took off with money, food, and cigarettes. No gun was found at his arrest.


KENTUCKY: Call The fashion police on this guy.  It has been reported that a blockhead broke into a funeral home in the city of Leitchfield and snatched a dead man’s clothes. The man was caught on surveillance camera peeling off his own clothes before slipping into the dead man’s clothes. We learn, further, that he also took the decedent’s jewelry and the keys to the funeral home’s hearse. No arrest has been made.



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