Weird Criminal Law Stories # 501: Shot in the gonads

EGYPT: Shot in the gonads? A groom-to-be’s last night as a bachelor ended with a bang – when he was accidently shot in the genitals. Osman Al-A, 29, was out partying with his buds when one friend fired off the celebratory gunshots. The victim was left serious wounded with injures to his penis, thigh and hand, authorities report. It was not immediately known if he made it to his wedding.


FLORIDA: Oh, so weird… It has been reported by police that a naked man broke into an elderly woman’s home and played dress-up with her clothes. Joseph Vaglica, 40, of the town of Edgewater, allegedly dashed into the 82-year-old Sylvia Garmond’s home through her garage door. Vaglica went straight for her bedroom closet, then waltzed into the kitchen for an unwelcome fashion show. Police were called, and he was arrested on a burglary charge.


FRANCE: DUMMY! A French jogger was jailed for six months for wearing a soccer jersey emblazoned with the name “Bin Laden.” Chakib Limane, 34, was convicted of glorifying terrorism by a court in the town of Caen that rejected Limane’s lawyer’s pleas to “distinguish between provocation and immaturity.”


GERMANY: Biggest sex-toy heist in history? It has recently been reported the thieves took $57,000 in kinky merchandise from a Berlin sex-trade show. Fun Toys London – which set up a booth at the Venus Exhibition – said workers realized they had been ripped off when they discovered that nine boxes of erotic toys had vanished.


MASSACHUSETTS: Goldilocks? Police in the town of Framingham say some modern-day Goldilocks broke into a family’s home – but instead of eating porridge, he helped himself to some wine and passed out. The alleged burglar, Vaugh Buckley, 45, used a brick to break a window of the home where he was found asleep in a child’s bed. Yes, an arrest was made.





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