Weird Criminal Law Stories # 528: Water, water everywhere

GERMANY: Water, water everywhere and none to drink? A man left his faucet and toilet running continuously for at least a year, using 1.85 million gallons of water and causing “massive damage” to his Salzgitter apartment building. His apartment manager called police in late autumn after the water began leaking into other apartments. When police arrived, the alleged so called  “hydro-maniac” had to be subdued with pepper spray and was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation.


MICHIGAN: The headline, “Lego my Legos” A Granville man maintains that someone stole his valuable Lego collection from his basement while he and his family were asleep. It appears that the burglars ignored Brian Richards’ electronics, camera equipment, and tools but took his collection of the little plastic blocks which he valued at $7,000. In a follow-up to this original story we learn that Richards had been collecting Lego bricks since he was 5-years old, police report. Police are monitoring Craigslist and eBay in case the thieves try to sell off the interlocking blocks.


NEW MEXICO: Strange theft… Thieves in this state recently got a surprise when they stole a couple’s SUV and U-Haul trailer, with a casket and a body inside it. A   short time after the Albuquerque hotel parking lot theft, police recovered the abandoned 2005 Chevy Trailblazer and trailer with the remains of the woman’s father. The couple had been driving from Oklahoma to bury the man in his hometown of Kirkland New Mexico.


NEVADA: Hottie pursuit? A woman stole a paramedic’s ambulance in Las Vegas and led police on a 50-mile chase on the highway to California. The woman had stolen the vehicle outside of a pharmacy in early September. She only put the brakes on and ended the chase when she realized the police were about to use tire spikes.


PENNSYLVANIA: Not so nice fake nuns. We learn that two bandits charged with robbing a Pennsylvania bank while dressed as nuns are also responsible for two snobberies in New Jersey, according to police. Swahilys Rodriquez and Melisa Aquino were charged recently with bank robberies in Garfield and Teaneck, officials said. The pair are also accused of robbing a bank earlier in the year in Tannersville, Pa, in the same nun costumes.


CALIFORNIA: Gramps to the rescue. A senior citizen helped close this case with an arrest.  Police who were in an hours-long standoff with an agitated young man jumping from roof to roof in a residential neighborhood, received a well needed assist from an impatient grandfather. La Puente homeowner Wilford Burgess, 83, tired of the young man’s “games,” climbed up on his roof and pushed the young man off. Police thanked the grandfather for doing what police could not do. The young man was immediately arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.


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