Weird Criminal Law Stories # 527: Burqa Ban??

AUSTRIA: Burqa Ban? A man in a shark costume was given a fine for covering his face. The worker was dressed as a mascot outside the McShark Computer shop in Vienna, when he was asked by police to remove the shark head. He refused, explaining “I’m just doing my job,” according to a report, and was fined $176. It appears that Austria has a strict ban against burqa wearing and anyone else who covers their entire face in public.


CALIFORNIA: Buy and bust? A man who chatted up a group he met in a hotel hot tub is now in real hot water Andrew Harris asked the woman and two men what had brought them to the Courtyard by Marriott in Mission Valley, police say. When they joked they were homeless after their meth lab exploded Harris offered to sell them cocaine and LSD, and the guests, actually narcotics detectives, set up a buy-and- bust. Yes, Harris was busted.


CANADA: BANG! A police dog accidentally fired a gun while in hot pursuit of two criminals. The canine officer tracked the assault suspects to a grocery store parking lot in Alberta, where the doggie discovered a gun one of the men had tossed into a bush. The K-9 officer accidentally discharged the weapon while retrieving it. We learn that no one was hurt.


CHINA: Fake Robbery? It has been reported that a Chinese man so fed up with handing his paycheck directly over to his wife every payday that he faked a robbery to keep it. The husband, known as Cai, told Hangzhou police authorities he had been robbed while riding his electric scooter. However, after police reviewed surveillance video at the alleged location, the man admitted making up the stickup to keep his pay.


CHINA: Dancing on the ceiling?  A man is facing six months in jail after he climbed on top of his car – while it was still moving. The man was caught on camera standing on the white car’s roof and waving his arms around as he drove through Bengou City. At one point, it appears the man could be seen sitting in the sun roof and steering with his feet. When he saw traffic police he jumped back into the driver’s seat and tried to flee but was caught when he drove onto a dead-end street.


CONNECTICUT: Clueless bank robber? A bank robber wrote a demand note the back of his girlfriend’s pay stub, according to a police report. Steven Maya, 20, allegedly gave a teller the note at the TD Bank in the town of Seymour and escaped with a few hundred dollars. Police turned over the note and quickly found Steven at his girlfriend’s house.

FLORIDA: What a blockhead.  It has been reported that a Dunkin’ donuts customer attempted to pay for coffee with prescription pain pills, according to police.  Richard Bourque, 30, allegedly offered up the pills at a shop in Pinellas Park. When the cashier turned him down, he snatched the coffee and walked out without paying. We learn that the man was later arrested.


FLORIDA: Wrong place, wrong time, wrong woman… In this case a flasher pervert picked the wrong woman to expose himself to on a beach – a former federal law-enforcement agent. I was autumn in Florida and the retired federal officer was out for a stroll on Vero Beach near her home when 48-year-old Paris Lapointe allegedly took off his shorts and flashed his genitals. The victim called police and reported the perv who was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs.



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