Weird Criminal Law Stories # 540: Too much passion for the sport

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, there’s such thing as too much passion for the sport. A half-naked British man was caught on a video camera “having sex” with the ninth hole at Brackenwood Golf Course in Merseyside, England. “That’s definitely a game of golf I will never forget,”wrote the man who posted the video of the pervert on the grass, pants down sinking his you know what in the hole.

UNITED KINGDOM: No, no Eileen.  We learn that size-14 panties labeled “Eileen” could have caused a major sewer problem in the UK. After the water company fished them out of a toilet, a spokesman said: “I don’t think I need to tell anyone that putting your pants down the toilet is a bad idea, and Eileen is very lucky that she didn’t cause the sewer pipe to flood.” Hear, hear…

TEXAS: Real Life Gangsters? It has been reported that burglars broke into a house and snatched a machine gun and drank two bottles of Cristal champagne, each bottle costing $300, according to police. Big Springs police are offering a $1,000 reward for the champagne popping bandits who also made off with a home security system.

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, “they were a little bit tied up at the time. It was reported that fire alarms went off inside an Edinburgh club during a Bondage-Sadomasochism party, sending partyers into the street in nothing more than their jockstraps, latex, and harnesses. “We had 190 people there, so we were a bit panicked but controlled,” club manage Taylor Crockett said. It turned out to be a false alarm.

WISCONSIN: Cat Killer retired lawman? A retired State trooper got so angry at the cats in his neighborhood for chasing away his beloved songbirds, he killed nine cats. Paul Griener 73, of Portage, allegedly trapped and killed them because they scared his feathered friends away from his bird feeder, said police who arrested him on animal-cruelty charges.

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, “Get a room—or a railroad sleeping car!” An angry commuter in the UK took videos of a man and a woman performing a sex act aboard a train in a station in Caterham, England, recently. The sex romp has prompted a police investigation, but no arrests have been made.

UNITED KINGDOM: Hand it to them. British police arrested a drug dealer thanks to a close-up photo of the man’s hand holding blue ecstasy pills. The police in Bridgend, Wales, used the image, which was sent via the WhatsApp messaging app, to get the man’s partial fingerprints and make an arrest.

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