Weird Criminal Law Stories # 559: Crime of Mammoth Proportions

ALASKA: The headline read, “It’s a crime of mammoth proportions.” We learn that an estimated 10,000-year-old mammoth tusk weighing 100 pounds has been stolen from a Campbell Creek Science Center. The federal Bureau of land Management, which runs the center has offered a $500 reward for tips leading to its recovery.

FLORIDA: IDIOT! A man was so irritated by a drone hovering above his home he fired seven gunshots at it – and missed every round. William Yates, 39, of Bradenton tried to blast the drone with his 9 mm handgun because he was worried a “psycho” was spying on his family, according to police. There is no information on whether he was arrested.

KENTUCKY: These police had eyes out. A state police trooper, a retired police colonel and a county coroner were arrested allegedly transporting moonshine – and a stolen pair of donor eyeballs. Robert Harris, Mike Crawford and John Goble are also accused of stealing $40,000 in ammunition and weapons near the town of Georgetown, according to police.

LOUISIANA: “Now he is in the can,” read the headline. A man got so angry at his neighbor for trying to eat one of his canned Vienna sausages that he sliced her face with a knife, according to police. The problem began when the woman asked Donald Traylor, 58, of Union Parish to share part of his canned meal and he turned her down. During the scuffle he cut her on the right side of her nose and was arrested, police said.

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