Weird Criminal Law Stories # 617: Hot to trot?

UNITED KINGDOM: Hot to trot? We learn that a British man was arrested trying “to have sex with a pile of leaves’ in a hotel parking lot, authorities report. Michael Golsorkhi, 26, allegedly pulled down his pants and got frisky in front of customers at the Premier Inn in Stockport, England.

WISCONSIN: Beer from the land of blue-sky waters? A man was recently arrested for DUI after police discovered his license plates were made of recycled Hamm’s beer cartons. A police officer allegedly saw Nicholas Layton, 27, swerving wildly in Chippewa Falls, pulled him over and spotted the fake plates. Mr. Layton was given a field sobriety test which he failed miserably.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: No plastic skeletons allowed? A lady is battling a cemetery after it repeatedly removed a plastic Halloween skull she left on a grave. Christina Whole of Francestown, set the cowboy hat-clad prop next to her son’s tombstone to celebrate that he had been a rodeo rider with a good sense of humor. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun with death!” she said after the cemetery removed it.

CALIFORNIA: A creepy ding-dong? A Salinas family, puzzled by their surveillance system’s alerts when no one was home, reviewed porch videos – and found a trespasser had spent three hours licking their doorbell. Police are seeking Roberto Arroyo, 30, for also allegedly relieving himself in the family’s front yard and stealing an extension cord.

CANADA: Brat! We learn that a disappointed 7-year-old from Ontario, called police on his parents for getting him snow pants for Christmas. The boy told dispatcher he was upset with his present and wanted the police to help him.

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