Weird Criminal Law Stories # 620: The Terminator Kicked

SOUTH AFRICA: The “Terminator” gets a kick from a wacko? A crazed man blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger with a flying double kick to the back one Saturday in May 2019 during a sports events for school children in Johannesburg. Moments before the incident the suspect had walked up behind the 71-year-old Schwarzenegger and waved in a n attempt to get the former bodybuilder’s attention. A security guard grabbed the man by his arm and led him away, but moments later the man somehow got past the guards and attacked “Arnold” with a flying kick to his back. Schwarzenegger got right back up and assured the crowd that he was OK.

AUSTRALIA: The headline read: “He robbed himself blind.” A clumsy bandito accidently pepper-sprayed himself, according to a police report. The thief and a partner stole sleep-apnea gear and ran from a Perth pharmacy, but a worker chased them down. One of the bandits whipped out a can of Mace. Unfortunately, the can was facing the wrong direction when he pressed down on the nozzle.

CALIFORNIA: Flaming Poo, maybe? Vandals lit portable toilets on fire at San Francisco’s China Basin Beach, causing a big flaming mess. “It was a pretty big fire. Flames were lighting up the place,” a nearby neighbor said. Fortunately, no one was injured but the vandals caused $30,000 in damage to the beach, which had to be temporarily closed.

FLORIDA: His luck ran out on him too soon. A man stole $10,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets in Ocala Florida and tried to cash in one of the winners in Leesburg, 30 miles away. The ticket came up void or stolen at the Leesburg store, where the quick-witted clerk snapped a photo of the man which helped police make his arrest.

FLORIDA: Pop, pop, pop… A grand opening of a restaurant erupted into an active shooter scare, after customers mistook the sound of balloons popping for bullets. Officials at a mall in Orlando, warned shoppers about a balloon bursting stunt to celebrate the opening of Joey Fatone’s new restaurant, Fat One’s. Still crowds were panicked and ran for the doors, according to police who rushed to the scene and found o guns.

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