Weird Criminal law Stories # 630: Urine for some jail time…

FLORIDA: “Urine for some jail time,” read the headline. A man was arrested recently for spraying a woman and her dog with a squirt gun full of his own urine. Why? Because he was mad owners had failed to clean up after their dogs. Joel Benjamin, 71, allegedly unleased the attack on 50-year-old woman near his apartment complex in the town of Gulfport, according to the police report.

INDIA: Snakes and other critters on a plane? A thai traveler to India stuffed a venomous horned pit viper and other exotic animals inside his suitcase, officials said. Also packed in his luggage were two rhinoceros iguanas, 22 Egyptian tortoises, four blue-tongued skinks, and several green tree frogs.

FLORIDA: Movie set money? A man was arrested for trying to buy scratch-off lottery tickets with fake money from the set of a movie. Tim Zimmerman allegedly put down a $100 bill with the words “for motion picture use only” on it in a shop in Clearwater then ran away, police said. We learn, further, that the “silver-screen green” cost him jail time and a $2,000 in bond cash.

FLORIDA: A new twist on stealing from the church! A thief was caught on camera swiping an entire one-room church, the Square Root Church in Cooper City, that was strapped to a trailer – and sped off with it. No one noticed the church was missing until Sunday morning, according to Pastor Daniel Rios, Jr. We understand that police are hunting for or the unholy roller.

FLORIDA:  Spider-Man? A man who robbed a Casselberry liquor store in a Spider-Man mask was arrested by police who recognized him from an earlier maskless attempt, police said. It appears that career criminal Edward “Fast Eddie” Wilburn was identified after an alleged first try was caught on a surveillance camera.

FLORIDA:  True Confession of a drunken idiot. A man was caught on camera attacking a worker at a McDonald’s over a straw says he “was a drunken idiot.” Daniel Taylor, who served 56 days in jail for the incident, said he doesn’t remember much about h the altercation at the St. Petersburg restaurant “probably because of the alcohol.”

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