Weird Criminal Law Stories # 638: It was just Honey, Honey

MARYLAND: It was just honey, honey. A man locked up for almost three months over a mistaken case of meth-laced honey now plans to sue, his lawyer contends. Leon Hampton, 46, a citizen from Jamaica was travelling back from the island when customs agents in Baltimore drug-tested three bottles of bee sugar in his luggage, which yielded a false positive. A lab test later revealed it was just honey.

ARIZONA: What a crazy way to start a honeymoon. A bride, still in her wedding dress along with her groom spent the first night of their honeymoon in jail. Why? Ashley Jordon 30, and Eric Cordova were allegedly arrested for attacking police who were called in to break up the rowdy, violent reception after-party in the town of Prescott. Probably too much liquor was involved.

COLOMBIA: Thar she “blows” … It has been reported that three blundering drug smugglers were found floating on 1.2 tons of bundled cocaine after their boat sank of the coast of Colombia on a Sunday in late-September 2019. Navy officers threw the men life preservers before charging them with drug-trafficking charges. The smugglers had been spotted adrift at sea in the Pacific Ocean, 30 miles off the coast of Tumaco, desperately clinging to the bricks of cocaine as flotation devices, according to the Navy.

COLORADO: There are some things you just don’t report, idiot. It has been reported that a man called the police to report that his prostitute had stolen his wallet – and he got arrested! While reporting his stolen money, the unnamed john, from Pueblo, allegedly admitted to police that he had solicited the sex worker. Bye, bye baby…

FLORIDA: No tickee, no washee? A woman managed to get on a Delta Flight from Orlando without any ID or a boarding pass – causing a three-hour delay. The airline apologized after the unidentified woman somehow boarded the Atlanta-bound flight on a Saturday in October 2019, at Orlando International Airport, sat in another person’s seat and flatly refused to move. She was subsequently hauled off the plane while cursing out the flight crew.

WISCONSIN: Foolish kidding… Recently a man allegedly zip-tied himself to a chair in his office and pretended he had been kidnapped – for no apparent reason. The man, Darrel Moll, 45, texted his wife that he was being held against his will at work and she contacted the police who found him strapped to the chair. He eventually admitted he had tied himself up and lied. It is still not clear why. DOLT!

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