Weird Criminal Law Stories # 670: Sheet Out of Luck?

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline reads, “He’s sheet out of luck.” A very stupid bank robber was foiled when he forgot to cut eyeholes in his pillowcase mask, then had to take it off because he couldn’t see. Matthew Davies, 47, stormed the Bank of Scotland in Dumfermline with a meat cleaver and demanded cash before peeling off the makeshift mask. A bank customer followed him home and called police. Davies has now pleaded guilty to robbery. What an Idiot…

CALIFORNIA: Free Fall?  In late-December 2019, police arrested a man who allegedly burglarized a tobacco shop, after he was caught on video falling through the ceiling of the shop. Storm Corral, 40, confessed to the crime and was held on $50,000 bail.

LOUISIANA:  BUSTED… We learn a man was arrested in late-January 2020, on drug-possession charges after he allegedly asked two people in a gym parking lot to borrow their guns for a robbery. Landon Duke, 19, approached the men in a Planet Fitness parking lot in Monroe, to say he needed the cash to skip town, police said. When police nabbed Duke, they found what they believed to be crystal meth wrapped in a $100 bill.

CLALIFORNIA:  OLD CREEP! It has been reported that a man reportedly not wearing pants broke into a stranger’s home and began cooking up scrambled eggs. Carl Cimino, 61, of Desert Hot Springs was allegedly helping himself to breakfast when the resident of the home heard him banging around the kitchen and called police. Police arrested Cimino for burglary.

CANADA: “Hopping” Mad, Maybe? A couple were surprised and mad when they found that a green pepper, they had just bought at the grocery store was actually a live frog. Nicole Gagnon and Gerald Blackburn, of Saguenay, put the frog in a container for food-safety officials who will try to figure out where the frog came from. The pair said no one got sick because no one ate the pepper or the frog.  So Bizarre.

COLORADO: She loves animals a bit too much. Wildlife officials charged a woman in February 2020 with luring deer into her home and feeding them. “It is selfish an unethical to feed big game,” said area Wildlife Manager Mark Lamb, adding that people “end up unintentionally killing those animals.”

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