Weird Criminal Law Stories # 672: Drunken Diva?

FLORIDA: Mixed up Operatic? The woman charged with blowing through security check-points at President’s Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort has been identified as an opera singer form Connecticut. Hannah Roemhild, 30, was initially seen dancing erratically on the roof of a car at the nearby Breakers Resort in late January 2020. When police tried to approach her, she led them on a 70-mph chase through the streets of Palm Beach. Authorities report that at some point she picked up a female companion, and the pair crashed through two check-points outside of Trump’s resort. Secret Service agents fired at the SUV before it was stopped by Florida Highway patrol officers. Authorities say Roemhild was “obviously impaired’ during the incident. The President was in Washington during the incident. Terrorism has been ruled out, but she is no fan of Trump

GERMANY:  Sniffed out by his own perfume. Yes, strong perfume helped police to sniff out a drunken driver. Police in the town of Speyer said they were looking for a 26-year-old man who sped through a red light and took off on a foot chase. The police smelled a pungent fragrance and followed the scent – finding the driver hiding behind a hedge in a cloud of perfume.

NEW JERSEY: The headline read, “Bathroom Break.” A federal prisoner gave authorities the slip for two hours at the Newark Airport on a Tuesday in January 2020, by climbing into the ceiling of a bathroom in a bid to escape. The unidentified American citizen was under indictment for fentanyl-smuggling and was trying to flee the country before trial. Customs and Border officers had him in custody, but he escaped from them when he asked to use the restroom in Terminal C of the airport at about 11:30 AM. Port Authority police recaptured him at around 1:30 PM. He had to be cut out of the building’s ventilation systems, sources say.

NEW YORK: Bird smuggler may get caged. It has been reported that a Connecticut man pleaded guilty in Brooklyn federal court In January 2020 to trying to smuggle 34 live finches inside plastic hair rollers into the U.S. on a flight from Guyana to JFK Airport. Francis Gurahoo planned to sell the birds for use in high-stakes bird-singing competitions in Brooklyn and Queens. Mr. Gurahoo confessed to Customs and Border Patrol agents after his arrest that he planned to sell the birds for $3,000 each, which would have netted him about $102,000. Under federal sentencing guidelines, Gurahoo could face a prison term of two years to 33 months. We learn, further from the plea hearing that songbird contests, dubbed “bird races,” are often held in public parks. Birds are pitted against each other to see which one can get to 50 tweets first. Winning finches can be sold for up to $5,000.  TWEET, TWEET…

NEW YORK: He who lives by the fire dies by the fire, gruesome story! In January 2020 it was reported that the monster of a father who torched his car with his 3-year-old daughter locked inside during a bitter custody battle finally died from the burns he sustained in the horrible crime nine months earlier. Martin Pereira, 39, of Valley Stream Long Island died at the hospital where he was being treated for second and third degree burns since the torching of his car with daughter Zoey Pereira in the back seat and the doors chained shut, amid a divorce from his wife.  What a Horrible Father, Who We Hope Is Now Burning in Hell.

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