Weird Criminal Law Stories # 674: Sex Tapes Hi-jinks

WISCONSIN: Sex Tape Hijinks? We learn that a convenience store may lose its business license because it allowed an amateur porn star to make a sex tape in the snack aisle during business hours. It appears that the operators of the Hometown Store in Milwaukee, allegedly let nude actors get frisky in the aisle. 

UNITED KINGDOM: Snakes outside a fire stationhouse? We learn that British animal-welfare officials are puzzled by a mystery. The mystery is that 16 snakes were dumped in pillowcases outside of the Farringdon Fire Station in Sunderland, where 13 pythons were found outside the same fire station a week earlier in February 2020. We learn, further that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is seeking information about the so-called snake-dumper.  HISSSSSS

WASHINGTON: They checked him out… Recently a man was arrested for allegedly living inside a grocery store for weeks and snaking on fancy cheese while the store was closed, police said. The unnamed man allegedly lived in the ceiling rafters of Haggen Northwest Fresh Market in the town of Auburn. He lived there for nearly a month. What a Life…

WASHINGTON: Bonsai heist. WHY. Two burglars broke into a museum and snatched two decades-old Bonsai trees worth thousands of dollars. The crooks slipped into the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Federal Way while it was closed on a Sunday morning and made off with the 50-pound Japanese black pine and a silverberry tree, baffling workers, and police. “It’s impossible to understand the motivation,” said the museum’s executive director.”   They were nothing but Stupid Thugs

UNITED KINGDOM: The King had lost his head. According to a recent report we learn that a vest worn by England’s King Charles I on the day he was beheaded will soon go on display at the Museum of London. The item, which is made of knitted blue silk, will go on public view in an exhibit examining executions in the British capital from 1196 to 1868. Charles was executed in 1649 after being found guilty of treason. It is, further reported that much of the King’s sumptuous finery was distributed to the spectators after his sentence was carried out.  UGH!

WASHINGTON: The headline read, “Don’t toy with cops.” A driver, stopped for speeding on I-5 near Tacoma had a large furry stuffed dinosaur buckled in the passenger seat, police said. So, the man got a second ticket for illegally using the car pool lane “Even if you have a favorite stuffed animal it doesn’t count as a passenger for the HOV.” State Trooper Rick Johnson tweeted.  LUNKHEAD!

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