Weird Criminal Law Stories # 683: Sex Dolls?

FLORIDA: Hot for sex dolls, maybe? We learn that the demand for the human-like silicone girls shot up so much amid the coronavirus quarantine that suppliers say they are struggling to keep up production. The Florida based company “Sex Doll Genie” says its orders spiked more than 51 percent during February and March 2020 when worldwide lockdowns began.           

AUSTRAILA:  Bonehead! We learn that a 25-year-old man was arrested for sneaking into a museum in Sydney overnight and taking a selfie with his head inside a dinosaur skull. He also allegedly stole a piece of artwork and a staffer’s cowboy hat off a stand.  

CALIFORNIA: Freeway wine tasting? It has been reported that a man was arrested after he allegedly jumped onto a tanker truck hauling red wine and drank from a valve under the truck. Gabriel Moreno, 39, convinced  the rig’s driver to pull over in Modesto and then climbed on back. As he made his way up Highway 99, the driver noticed his tanker was losing fluids – and police discovered Moreno holding onto the underbelly of the truck, drinking wine pouring out from the tanker.  

COLORADO: How “to blow it?”  It has been reported that a man accidentally deposited two baggies of cocaine  along with his cash at a bank, and was soon arrested, according to police. A teller in Jefferson County was surprised to find the white blow with the stack of bills. David Pangallo, 34, was arrested after police searched his car and allegedly found more drugs inside.    

CONNECTICUT: Hamburglar does not taking coronavirus lock down well. A man who was kicked out of a McDonald’s for going maskless allegedly threw a rock through the window and then stole several pairs of ladies’ underwear from a nearby Walmart in the town of Brooklyn. Jason Daddario, 37, surrendered to police after they threatened to set a dog on him.   

FLORIDA: Not The Wife of the Year? We learn that a Tampa woman pelted her  husband with a bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers according to police. Ky Webb,32, got into a fight her husband over the children’s gift and allegedly tossed flowers at him. She was charged with domestic battery. 

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