Weird Criminal Law Stories 62

Birdsong presents herewith a few more weird criminal law stories.

Saanich, Canada: A Canadian cop in Saanich, British Columbia heard passionate sounds coming from a trash dumpster — and upon investigation found a 30 year old woman and her boyfriend, 28, had turned it into a love nest.  The officer ordered the two to put on their clothes and leave.  No arrests were made.

A new meaning for “dirty sex.”

Yakima, WA: This Washington state kindergarten teacher apparently had enough of cleaning up after a student beset with bathroom issues and sent the stinky evidence  home to his parents.  “This little turd was found on the floor in my room,” the teacher wrote in a note sent along with the fecal find.  The student is being transferred.  Officials won’t discuss the teacher’s job status but say no criminal charges have been filed.

Oh Poo!

Fresno, CA:  Police in Fresno arrested a man for allegedly tattooing a gang insignia on a 7-year old boy — at the direction of the child’s father.  Travis Gorman, 20, tattooed the boy’s belly with a dog paw — an insignia of the Bulldogs street gang — police said.   A warrant has been issued for the father, Enriques Gonzalez, 26.

Woof, Woof, Woof….

 Germany: A guy just can’t get any consideration.  A German paramedic who spotted a woman having a heart attack pulled over to help her, and got a  parking ticket for his trouble.  “I know traffic wardens have a reputation for being miserable and hard hearted,” said good Samaritan Steve Schiltenwolf.  “It looks it’s true.”

Gott in Himmel!

Pennsylvania: This fellow wants to reserve his own special place in hell.  Pennsylvania police are hunting for a scam artist who poses as a repairman to steal elderly victims’ electric mobility scooters.  The man has duped at least one woman by saying he would bring her scooter back after servicing it but then disappeared.


Quartz Hill, CA: Strike up the band!  A marching band majorette beat off two thugs with her baton in Quartz Hill.  She punched one in the nose and kicked the other in the groin before pummeling him with her metal twirling stick.


Indiana: A suspected drug dealer who led police on a 90-mph chase in Indiana was caught after he pulled over to get a burrito at Taco Bell.  Jermaine Cooper, 36, told police he “knew he was going to jail for a while,” and wanted to get one last burrito before he went away.

Perhaps, Taco Bell might want to open some jailhouse concessions…

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