Weird Criminal Law Stories # 459: Of the Cross but not on the Cross

OKLAHOMA: Strange story – death by the cross but not on the cross!! An Oklahoma City woman accused of killing her daughter by forcing a crucifix down her throat told police that she believed the 33-year-old victim had been possessed by the devil. Police had gone to the suspect’s home in late August and found Geneva Gomez dead on the ground with a crucifix placed on her chest. Mom, Juanita Gomez, 49, faces a first degree murder charge and is being held without bond.


PENNSYLVANIA: Wouldn’t this behavior been more appropriate for the wedding night? The co-owner of One Enchanted Evening, a bridal shop in the town of Zelienople allegedly stripped and stood naked in the display window. Police reported that Peter Scolieri, 54, smelled of alcohol when he was arrested for lewdness.

FLORIDA: His luck ran out on him too soon. A man stole $10,000 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets in Ocala Florida, and tried to cash in one of the winners in Leesburg, 30 miles away. The ticket came up void or stolen at the Leesburg store, where the quick-witted clerk snapped a photo of the man which helped police make his arrest.


CALIFORNIA: Big, big bra support. During the recent past election season Hillary Clinton supporters in Vallejo really showed their support. How? Thom and Honore Mellhatten erected an endorsement for Clinton in the form of a huge red, white and blue bra in their front yard. “A bra is a support,” Honore said. “It supports breasts. We’re supporting Hillary.”

CALIFORNIA: DUMMY! It has been reported that a real thief made off with fake money during a burglary in the town of Indio. The burglar broke through the ceiling of the local YMCA’s children’s center and rifled through a toy cash register, stealing the phony bills. Police are, nonetheless, looking for the bandit.



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