Weird Criminal Law Stories # 466: Only one leg to stand on?

KENTUCKY:  Only one leg to stand on….  We learn that a woman was exonerated after serving six years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit has been given the right to sue the police who framed her. Susan King can sue for the police alleged lies and omissions, an appeals court ruled.  The police detective’s account of her dragging Kyle Breeden from her home and dumping his body over a bridge, she claims would have been undermined by one key fact – King has just one leg. Her conviction was vacated after a serial killer confessed to the murder.


SOUTH DAKOTA: Out of gas, out of luck. A man who stole a police cruiser was caught after the car ran out of gas, officials report. The man called for help on Highway 281 near Tulare, contending his car had run out of gas. He acted erratically when a Spink County deputy arrived, before stealing the officer’s car. The man was arrested when the cruiser ran out of gas after 140 miles.


TEXAS:  It could only happen in Texas. A man was caught on video riding a horse through a Walmart in Houston over a recent weekend. The Sunday evening incident ended with a lot of stunned looks from shoppers – and a horse relieving himself before exiting the store.


FLORIDA: They called it a “penny-ante” crime. A woman who got so mad at a 7-Eleven store clerk because he refused to accept payment in pennies that she pulled a handgun and fled. Adekemi Ayeni, 20, allegedly flipped out after the clerk in the town of Melbourne said he did not have room in his register for her coins.


CALIFORNIA: Could mermaids exist in landlocked community? A woman identified herself as a mermaid named Joanna after she was discovered walking mostly naked along a dark road at 3:15 am. The woman was wearing only a black sports bra and had wet hair – and real webbed toes, when police found her and took her to a hospital. We also learn that she was discovered in Friant, California, an inland landlocked town.



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