Weird Criminal Law Stories #467: From the Waffle House to the Big House

FLORIDA: The headline read: “From the Waffle house to the Big House.A Florida teacher was arrested after having her boyfriend’s 14-year-old son drive her to a Waffle House restaurant because she was drunk. Terra Virgin, 32, told police she had five beers before she started craving breakfast food. Officers had pulled the car over to find the teen behind the wheel and Ms. Virgin in the passenger seat with an open beer can in her lap.


HOLLAND: The headline read: “Technology is going to the dogs.” Dutch inventors have unleashed a fleet of high-flying drones with scoops to clean up doggy droppings. We learn that the drones feature cameras and heat sensors to find and scoop up doggy doo. The gadgets then soar away with the “crappy cargo” for disposal.


INDIA; The headline read: “You kill the beef, you’re in the stew.” The punishment for slaying a cow in one region of India is now roughly equivalent to murdering someone for murder in the US. A new law in the Gujarat region makes the slaughter of bovines punishable by life in prison.


NEW MEXICO: Assault with a deadly doughnut? A man threw a doughnut at a tailgating driver, then allegedly pulled a gun and fired a shot at his foe’s car, police report. Police in Albuquerque, soon arrested the suspected road rage gunman Juan Candelaria, 47.


FLORIDA: Bad house guest? A friend visiting the home of a retired deputy sheriff swiped an old uniform and tried to persuade pharmacy workers to give him drugs, according to a police report. It appears that Johnny Wilson dressed up in the green uniform and gesturing to his badge, allegedly demanded pain pills from a Pensacola pharmacist. When she refused, he snatched a pair of pants and a soda and ran from the store without paying.

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