Weird Criminal Law Stories # 468: Wrong liquid lunch

AUSTRALIA: Wrong liquid lunch! An Aussie girl had quite a surprise in her lunchbox the last week of March when she accidently put a Smirnoff frozen beverage inside instead of a juice box. “EPIC lunchbox fail,” her mother wrote on Facebook. “When you tell your 5-year-old to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox – and you forget about the other pouches that were in the freezer.


FLORIDA: A man who allegedly broke into a Brevard County home was arrested after he left one of his shoes at the scene of the crime, according to police. Joseph Knight, 27 allegedly stole guns, a PlayStation, a projector, a wall safe, and $300, but left one of his shoes in the getaway car, caught on video surveillance. The Toyota Corolla was owned by Knight’s mother’s boyfriend, who identified Knight in the video from the crime scene.


FLORIDA: Did she believe she was an evil stepmother? A Michigan woman choked a teenage girl for blocking her view of the fireworks at Disney world. Tabbatha Mature, 41, of New Baltimore allegedly flipped out and grabbed the girl by her throat as the victim stood in front of her at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, said police. Ms. Mature was arrested and booked on charges of felony child abuse.


OREGON:  Why leave a note? A Portland woman swiped a package off a porch and left a note behind that read: “Hey! Thank you for the package!” However, the homeowner, Mair Blatt has surveillance equipment that recorded images of the thief, who swiped a $17 bottle of hair oil and then ditched the box. Mr. Blatt is confident that the thief will be caught.

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