Weird Criminal Law Stories # 485: What a Dummy!

MASSACHUSETTS:  What a dummy! A driver in this state was stopped and fined for trying to slip into a carpool lane with a mannequin-riding shotgun. Todd Glidden, 44, of Reading, was given a ticket when the police officer noticed his plastic companion decked out in a hoodie and sunglasses.


MICHIGAN:  No, no to do it yourself pest control? A man tried blowing up a bee’s nest in his garage with fireworks, but burned down the entire structure instead. Grand Blanc Township homeowner Mike Tingley said he was just happy that no one was hurt, authorities said.


MICHIGAN:  Moron! A man was arrested for hooking a decal featuring an image of his ex-girlfriend topless to his motorcycle without her permission, according to a police report. Timothy Brandt, 39, was arrested after he posted photos of the bike online and the ex-girlfriend saw it.


MISSOURI:  They raised the roof. – wrong roof, though.  A couple returned home to discover construction workers had ripped the roof off their house by mistake. A crew of hardhats got the wrong address for a project in St. Louis, tore off dozens of shingles – and took off when they realized the error, according to a police report. We learn that the company will fix the damaged roof at no charge for the McInnis family, who were about to sell the home.



MISSOURI / KANSAS: The thief stole the entire house – not just the contents. Yes, a thief stole a whole house – a small, 13-foot-tall mobile boutique that Lisa Stubblefield, of Rolla, Mo, equipped with fitting rooms and clothing racks to take to parties and events. In mid-July, the thief rolled away the house from a parking lot where Stubblefield left it for a Food Truck Showdown in Springfield, Kansas. That was on a Friday in July. In a follow-up to this story, the tiny house was reported found two days later, after Stubblefield had posted a Facebook plea for help. The house was found 100 miles away in Pittsburg, Kansas. No arrests have been made in this heist.



NEBRASKA: ZOOM, ZOOM! Call in air support. Nebraska State Highway Patrol Troopers in Omaha, after clocking a 28-year-old motorcyclist going 146 mph, radioed a nearby State patrol airplane, whose pilot helped troopers on the ground to stop and arrest the daredevil, police report.




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