Weird Criminal Law Stories # 484: The Yolks was on them.

FLORIDA: The headline read, “Yolks on them.” Two young pranksters who thought it would be fun to throw eggs at a bicycle rider ended up in handcuffs after their alleged target, an off-duty police officer, chased them down. Lakeland Lt. Michael Lewis was cycling during his lunch hour when he felt something hitting the back of his helmet. The officer then called for motorized backup to pursue the young men in their car. We learn that John Stone and Hunter Jones, both 18, were arrested on misdemeanor charges.


IDAHO: What mother wouldn’t help her daughter? An Idaho woman was arrested for allegedly stealing the placenta and umbilical cord from the room where her daughter had just given birth, officials report. Rhiannon Stoneham suspected her daughter had used drugs during her pregnancy and wanted to hide that from doctors and police, according to the report. Ms. Stoneham was charged with felony destruction of evidence.



ILLINOIS: A medieval defense of a third person. It has been reported that a Chicago man recently fought off a burglar who broke into his home.  The homeowner used a sword from Medieval Times restaurant to do so. Mac Dolan, 25, was sleeping in his apartment when he awoke to see a man choking a female houseguest. Dolan grabbed his four-foot weapon off a wall mount and chased away the burglar while brandishing the sword – who was later arrested. Under the law this amounts to a valid defense of a third person.



LOUISIANA: IDIOT! A man ditched by his friends on the side of the road, flagged down a passing sheriff’s deputy – and caused his own arrest. How? When the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office ran the ID of Jansen Simon, 30, through a database, it revealed he was wanted for a 2013 hammer attack, according to officials. Simon was charged with battery and two counts of contempt of court for the attack, which left the victim with a fractured skull.



MAINE:  Ho, ho,ho, no, no… Police had to chase an alleged car thief who called himself “Santa Claus.” Maine police had chased the man for 50 miles, at speeds reaching 112 mph, before they deployed spike strips in the town of Newburgh and finally nabbed the driver they later identified as Christos Kassaras, 54, of Golfstown, New Hampshire – not “Santa Claus.”


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