Weird Criminal Law Stories #494: OUCH!

SOUTH KOREA: OUCH!! It has been reported that woman allegedly cut off her husband’s penis because he spent too much time playing golf. The woman who lives in the town of Yeosu, reportedly attacked the 50-year-old man with a kitchen knife as he slept and flushed the member down the toilet. Police say that the wife confessed to the crime with the excuse that her husband ignores her and left her broke.


WISCONSIN: One can say he jumped at the opportunity. We learn that a drunken driver critically injured himself when he jumped off a 250-foot overpass following a 100-mph police chase. The unidentified 24-year-old made the move of jumping after crashing his 2004 Nissan 350Z on I-94 in Kenosha County.


CALIFORNIA: Gramps to the rescue. A senior citizen helped close this case with an arrest.  Police who were in an hours-long standoff with an agitated young man jumping from roof to roof in a residential neighborhood, received a well needed assist from an impatient grandfather. La Puente homeowner Wilford Burgess, 83, tired of the young man’s “games,” climbed up on his roof and pushed the young man off. Police thanked the grandfather for doing what police could not do. The young man was immediately arrested on a disorderly conduct charge.


CALIFORNIA: Wrong place at the wrong time? A knife-wielding dunce tried to rob a Southern California pizza restaurant – right after burglars had broken in and stole $1,500 from the same place. Pizza Chalet workers were cleaning up after the burglary on a Tuesday in September, when Ernest Ramirez, 19, entered and demanded money. Unlucky for Ramirez there was a city of Covina police officer was nearby investigating the burglary and thwarted the robbery. Mr. Ramirez was arrested and charged with armed robbery and resisting arrest.


CALIFORNIA: The headline read. “Aiding and a-breading.” It has been reported that a man was given jail time for a very strange assault in a Safeway grocery store. What kind of assault? It appears that Adam Kowarsh, 39, entered the store and immediately set upon one of the employees and began hitting him with a fresh baguette. The employee did not suffer severe injury and Kowarsh did not explain the reason for his assault.



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