Weird Criminal Stories # 498: Penis Problem?

INDIA: OUCH! A woman became so enraged at her lover for planning to marry someone else that she cut off his penis. The 26-year-old man, known as Irshad met up with his girlfriend one last time in the town of Kattipuram. However, when she learned he had agreed to an arranged marriage with another woman she flew into a fit of rage and chopped off his member with a knife. There is no information about her arrest. And we do not know whether the penis was surgically reattached.


FLORIDA:  Young love, dumb love! A teenager allegedly stole his uncle’s police uniform and wore it to impress a girl – but he ended up in jail. Isael Lima, 18, of the town of Bellview was charged with impersonating an officer after taking his uncle’s uniform and patrol car, and having a friend film him during a traffic stop, according to police.


GEORGIA: She acted like real witch! Police asked Irene Handy, 66, to remove a large banner on her home in the town of Lilburn after her neighbors complained. Instead of taking the banner down the senior citizen allegedly doused a broom with kerosene, set it afire and lunged at the officers. She was promptly arrested and charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer. We have not learned what the banner promoted.


ILLINOIS: The headline read: “Grand Theft Tractor.” A teenager is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly stealing a bulldozer and using it to run over a manned police car. Austin White, 18, stole the dozer from a construction site and was driving it down streets in Kankakee when police intervened. White wound up allegedly backing over the police vehicle, nearly crushing the officer inside.


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