Weird Criminal Law Stories # 499: Irony?

CANADA:  Talk about irony – this is it.  We learn that two women broke out of jail only to be caught a day later. Kelsie Mast, 23, and Samantha Toope, 20, jumped the fence at the Edmonton Institution for Women on a Monday night. The fugitives were arrested the next day at SideQuests Adventures, an adventure park “escape room,” where people pay to solve puzzles that will unlock the doors of mock dungeons.


CALIFORNIA: Vanity, thy name is man. We learn that a fugitive from the Texas “10 Most Wanted” list was caught because of his boasting in an Instagram post. Christopher Gonzalez, an 18-year-old murder suspect, live-streamed footage of himself showing off a shotgun and other weapons. Dallas police got GPS coordinates off his video and learned he was in Woodland Hill, California. They then alerted local police, who quickly arrested Gonzalez.


CALIFORNIA: Finders’ keepers, losers’ weepers? In El Cerrito on a September day police found a man on the street trying to break security tags off 152 bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey. The 20-year-old told police that he had just happened to have found all the bottles of bourbon, worth about $4,400. Police did not make an immediate arrest, but took the man’s name and address and confiscated the liquor. Police theorize that the whiskey was probably stolen from nearby supermarkets.


CANADA:  The jailhouse wallet is used once again.  An Ottawa man was sentenced recently to two years in prison for breaking into a jail with a “buttload” of illegal drugs. Damian O’Reilly, 20, was apprehended for smuggling marijuana, matches, tobacco and rolling papers into the Ottawa Wa-Carleton Detention Center last year. Jail authorities discovered that O’Reilly was hiding the contraband inside eight Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs stuffed in his rectum.


CHINA: The headline read, “fowl play.” A Shanghai man was arrested when he stole a black swan from a public park – and cooked it and ate it with a side of radishes. The man, a delivery driver known only as Zhou, 30, was sentenced to six months in jail for his strange taste for water birds. Authorities said he had been fishing with Friends at the park when he snatched the bird that he later cooked and ate at home.


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