Weird Criminal Law Stories #500: Legos?

MICHIGAN: The headline, “Lego my Legos” A Granville man maintains that someone stole his valuable Lego collection from his basement while he and his family were asleep. It appears that the burglars ignored Brian Richards’ electronics, camera equipment, and tools but took his collection of the little plastic blocks which he valued at $7,000. In a follow-up to this original story we learn that Richards had been collecting Lego bricks since he was 5-years old, police report. Police are monitoring Craigslist and eBay in case the thieves try to sell off the interlocking blocks.


AUSTRIA: Burqa Ban? A man in a shark costume was given a fine for covering his face. The worker was dressed as a mascot outside the McShark Computer shop in Vienna, when he was asked by police to remove the shark head. He refused, explaining “I’m just doing my job,” according to a report, and was fined $176. It appears that Austria has a strict ban against burqa wearing and anyone else who covers their entire face in public.


FLORIDA: She had no sole. A woman got so angry at a police officer for stopping her on the highway, she pulled off her shoes and threw them at his patrol car. Amber Capraro, 31, was walking in the middle of a highway in St. Lucie County when the officer tried to stop her. She allegedly flew into rage and threw her shoes at his car and jumped on the hood. Yes, she was arrested.


FLORIDA: Long distance abuse. A man’s parents flew all the way from their home in India to help him beat his wife in Florida, police report. The parents, in their 60’s, and their son were all charged with abusing the woman and holding her captive at the man’s Riverview home. The wife and her 1-year-old child were moved to a safe place.



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