Weird Criminal Law Stories # 503: It all came out in the end!

FLORIDA: It all came out in the end. A jail inmate denied stealing another inmate’s cigarettes. However, a strip search by Crestview correctional officers revealed part of blue latex glove protruding from the suspects buttocks. When officers found six Marlboro cigarettes with the filters removed inside the glove, the 18-year-old was charged with theft.


FLORIDA: What a doofuss… A young man was arrested for using his father’s police car to harass his ex-girlfriend’s new beau. Christopher Combs, 22, of Boynton Beach, allegedly hopped into his sheriff deputy father’s unmarked Ford Taurus police car and pulled over his former flame’s new love. Combs, who allegedly snatched the beau’s wallet was arrested after the man recognized his voice.


NEW JERSEY: This luggage sounds messy. A Guatemalan man allegedly admitted smuggling chocolate covered heroin into the U.S. on a flight into Newark Liberty International airport. Jacob Orellana-Estrada apparently smuggled the drugs in what looked like six-layer cakes he had stashed in his luggage.


PENNSYLVANIA: On your way to jail you’re going! A man stole a wallet in a Judge’s chambers in an effort to pay court fees from two previous assault charges he had been slapped with. Steven Rago, 31, was discovered on surveillance camera stuffing a wallet into a pocket of his sweat pants near a payment window at the Allegheny Township District Court. Rago later admitted to stealing the wallet and returned it, police report.


PENNSYLVANIA: The headline read, “It was a hibiscus, not a high-biscus.” A married couple is suing police for false arrest after they were arrested by police who wrongly believed that the hibiscus plant in their yard was marijuana. Edward and Audrey Cramer tried to tell the officers that the flowers were harmless, but police would not listen after an insurance agent who came to take a claim on a fallen tree on their property alerted police to the plants. Fortunately, the couple was eventually released without charges. The suit for false arrest is moving forward.

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