Weird Criminal Law Stories # 504: Oh Poot!

MISSOURI: Oh, Poot! We hear that a criminal suspect brought an undetected weapon to his police interrogation in Kansas City. A detective reported that when asked for his home address, the 24-year-old man “leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart.’ He continued to be flatulent and the detectives as forced to quickly end the interview. PHEW!


ARIZONA: His number should be on the no dial list. It has been reported that a minister used his church’s telephone number in ads to recruit prostitutes. Walter Brazington, 55, a minister for the All Nations Evangelistic Team tried to lure women to a brothel in the town of Broken Arrow, police report. Preacher Brazington is being accused of buying classified ads seeking “massage therapists.”


CALIFORNIA: She was a pea-brain. A woman bandit was arrested recently for selling $22, 750 in stolen broccoli seeds on Facebook, say police. Blanca Trejo, 21, of Santa Maria, allegedly took 47 bags of the product from her former bosses at Growers Transplanting, Inc. In her effort to pull off the caper, she charge $40 a bag, much lower than its market rate, authorities contend.


CANADA: The headline read, “Any way you slice it, he should have waited.” An Ontario man, stopped by police for driving erratically while eating pizza ended up being arrested for drug possession. After pulling over the 40-year-old from Bellville, police reported finding the half-eaten slice, an open bottle of alcohol and $1,300 in crystal meth in the man’s car.


CHINA: Self-appointed engineer? A commuter became so fed up sitting in gridlock that he painted turn-lane arrows on a congested street. Xiao Cai, 28, was caught on camera pulling the DIY transportation tweak with a paintbrush and a bucket of white paint, according to a police report. The man said he only wanted to speed up his daily bus commute in Jiangsu province. Cai was fined $151.




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