Weird Criminal Law Stories # 505: Count your Blessings

EGYPT:  Hey, Toots – count your blessings!  We have recently learned that a newlywed woman filed divorce papers because her husband does all the household chores. The 28-year-old woman, identified only as, Maha M, said she hates living with the man because he acts “like a housewife” she further complained, “He doesn’t let me touch anything in our house and does all the cooking, cleaning and general household chores.”


FLORIDA: The Business Bandit? It has been reported that the FBI is on the hunt for a dashing Florida crook who robs banks while wearing upscale business attire. The so-called “Business Bandit” sports a GQ-style driving cap, ties and button-down shirts during his stick-ups. He has allegedly pulled off robberies at three Palm Beach County banks


FLORIDA: RATS? A Palm Harbor man who triggered an eight-hour police standoff said later he was just shooting rats in his own yard. Stephen Jonas, 51, was allegedly firing his gun in his home at 3 am on a Sunday morning in November. Police set up a perimeter around the house and tried for hours to contact him. When Jonas finally emerged, he claimed he had simply trying to get rid of the filthy rats, police report.


FLORIDA: Escape by surf-board. A man used a surf-board as a getaway vehicle. It all started when justice Cureton, 20, of Vero Beach, threw a can of beer at a man in Wabasso Beach Park, hitting him in the face. When police showed up Cureton dashed into the ocean and paddled away on his board. He was later arrested at his home, police report.


FLORIDA: The headline read, “Cheesed off.” A Melbourne man became so enraged when his friend ate his slice of pizza, he whacked him over the head with a golf club. Drew Cywinski, 25, was allegedly high on the synthetic marijuana known as K-2 when he bashed his friend so hard, the golf club snapped in two, the police report revealed.



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