Weird Criminal Law Stories # 506: Not a leg to stand on…

TENNESSEE:  Not a leg to stand on? A family attending a relative’s wake got the shock of a lifetime when they discovered a stranger in his casket – wearing the decedent’s clothes. Workers at the Chattanooga funeral home insisted that makeup simply made the body of Benjamin Brown, Jr. look different, according to a report.  However, the relatives advised the funeral home that Brown was a double leg amputee, while the man in the casket had legs. The funeral director was dead wrong.


TEXAS: A generous armed robbery. Three thieves who staged an armed robbery of a donut shop in Houston took pity on by-standers. Two of the thieves, one holding a handgun, jumped over the counter and demanded money from the cash register. The third bandit handed out the donuts to the customers while his fellow thieves stole money from the employees.


TEXAS: Cold cut losses? A woman was arrested for smuggling more than 200 pounds of contraband bologna into the U.S. from Mexico.  The driver was travelling toward El Paso when authorities found the sandwich meat stuffed under the floor boards of her car. Police report that the unidentified sausage smuggler was fined $1,000 and her bologna as confiscated by the U.S. Customs Service.


UNITED KINGDOM: They say this theft really hit home. It appears that the crooks in this heist did not just steal Widow Sonia McColl’s belongings – they also loaded her 40-foot mobile home onto a truck and took off with that, too, said police in Cullompton, Devon. “I’m numb,” said McColl, 70, who was not home at the time, “They’ve taken everything I’ve got.”


WISCONSIN: The headline read, “Look before you light up.” It appears that a pothead was recently arrested for firing up his doobie in the worst possible place – the parking space of the local police chief. The pothead and a pal allegedly pulled into a parking lot and started smoking weed without noticing a sign nearby that read, “Glendale Police Department,” police report. A city worker noted the strong smell of marijuana coming from the car, and the smokers, ages 20 and 21 were arrested. Ah, youth!

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