Weird Criminal Law Stories # 509: Lego my Legos

MICHIGAN: The headline, “Lego my Legos” A Granville man maintains that someone stole his valuable Lego collection from his basement while he and his family were asleep. It appears that the burglars ignored Brian Richards’ electronics, camera equipment, and tools but took his collection of the little plastic blocks which he valued at $7,000. In a follow-up to this original story we learn that Richards had been collecting Lego bricks since he was 5-years old, police report. Police are monitoring Craigslist and eBay in case the thieves try to sell off the interlocking blocks.


CALIFORNIA: Child’s Play? A driver was caught using a “Chucky” doll as a fake passenger in the carpool lane. The driver had seat-belted the creepy toy – from the horror movie “Child’s play” – in a car sear on a highway in Contra Costa County. “A for effort,” the highway patrol teased on Twitter. “Here’s your carpool ticket.”


CONNECTICUT:  She Was a real dope! A woman was arrested on Christmas day, 2017, after she allegedly took out a packet of cocaine in plain view and prepared to do a bit of snorting while waiting to be booked on unrelated charges at a police station. Nicole Hunter was charged with possession, interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct in the town of Ledyard.


DENMARK: They report he got a ride to central booking. A drug dealer’s freedom ended quickly after he jumped in a police car, thinking it was a taxi. It is reported that the police were happy to see him, since he was carrying around 1,000 joints. Copenhagen police tweeted about the arrest to the public after arresting the unnamed man.


FLORIDA: Wasted? A man was so drunk, he mistook a drive-thru bank for a Taco Bell and ordered a burrito. Douglas Francisco, 38, was arrested snoozing behind the wheel of a running Hyundai at a Bank of America in the town of Spring Hill, police said. The munchies needing driver was speaking gibberish when police searched his car and found drugs. Who knew?




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