Weird Criminal Law Stories #518: Yum Yum Sauce?

FLORIDA: Yum Yum sauce? It has been reported that a former Florida restaurant worker was sentenced to seven years in prison for putting deadly plumber’s lye into Yum Yum sauce at a Japanese restaurant in the town of Lakeland. Margarito Padilla, 54, acknowledged tainting the sauce because he was unhappy about the working conditions at the eatery. There will be no Yum Yum sauce for his prison meals.


FLORIDA: KA-BOOM – NOT! Thrift store workers recently made an explosive find among the donations left at in a charity bin – a grenade launcher loaded with a live grenade. The Goodwill Manasota Bargain Barn employees immediately called the police who deactivated the weapon. Police say they are trying to find the donor.


FLORIDA: Yep, she picked the wrong guy to scam. It has been reported that a greedy clerk allegedly tried to steal winning lottery-ticket prize money, however, she picked the wrong person to scam. The man was actually an undercover Florida Lottery Commission agent, hired to keep clerks honest. Winn-Dixie Liquors worker Crystelle Baton, 42 of Fort Myers, told the agent that his $600 winning ticket was worth only $5.00, according to authorities. She allegedly slid the winning ticket into a notebook and was arrested on the spot.


MASSACHUSETTS:  The headline read, “Caught dead-handed.” The so-called “Obit Bandit,” is a man who had been accused of breaking into homes while residents attended wakes and funerals. He recently pleaded not guilty to burglary and larceny charges. Randy Brunelle, 35, was held in lieu of $25,000 bail. Police believe he is responsible for three break-ins on Cape Cod while Plymouth police suspect him in five similar break-ins. His current arrest came in February after allegedly breaking-into a Barnstable woman’s home while she was at her mother’s wake.


PENNSLVANIA: Hair today, gone tomorrow! A jail inmate was arrested for allegedly smuggling 78 doses of LSD, cocaine and meth into jail – in her weave., according to court records. Lashandra Brown, 29, was charged with 18 counts.


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