Weird Criminal Law Stories # 517: Ire and Fire

FLORIDA: Ire and fire.  A Christian school is drawing fire because two of its upcoming charity golf-events raffle prizes are rifles. Trinitas Christian Academy in Pensacola listed the prizes in January 2018. The school has not yet answered parent complaints in February that this would be inappropriate after the massacre February 14, 2018, of 17 students and faculty in Parkland High School, also in Florida.


GEORGIA: Pure animal cruelty? A man was arrested recently for allegedly force-feeding a goat cocaine and whiskey. Sergio Guzman, a 28-year-old horse trainer, was caught on camera holding the goat’s horns while a pal shoved drug in its nostrils at a ranch in Gwinnett County, police said. We learn that the goat was taken to a vet and later adopted.


ILLINOIS: Hot Sauce? A lady contends her ex-boyfriend ransacked her home, dousing it with what appears to be hot sauce. When the lady returned home after being out for several hours, she found her home “totally messed up” with furniture overturned, according to the police report. “It also appeared that someone had taken what could have been hot sauce and poured it all over the walls and the mattress in the bedroom,” read the police report.


ITALY: The headline read, “Snail-mail fail.” We learn that a lazy Italian postman was recently arrested for stashing nearly half a ton of undelivered mail in his garage. The 56-year-old postman was caught hoarding letters, utility bills and bank statements – some of which were more than eight years old, police say. Workers at a recycling center reported him to police after he allegedly dropped off 25 large yellow containers full of unopened letters.


KANSAS: Pay up or go to jail. A lady allegedly made more than 50 withdrawals from a faulty ATM that was dispensing $100 bills instead of fives. The Central National Bank in Wichita filed a lawsuit against Christina Ochoa alleging that she knew the ATM was overpaying. It wants her to pay back $11,600 plus interest.


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