Weird Criminal Law Stories # 516: Deep doggy doo

CHINA: The headline read, “Rapper in deep ‘doggy’ doo.” A Chinese rapper has been detained in Malaysia over complaints that a music video he filmed there featuring dancers wearing dog masks and simulating “doggy-style” sex insulted Islam and could hurt “racial unity and harmony.” It is the second time Wee Meng Chee, who raps under the name Namewee, has been investigated for his music videos. Police said they received a number of complaints about the “Like a Dog” video which celebrates the Chinese year of the dog.


CONNECTICUT: The headline read, “Fiery ER drive-thru.” A driver intentionally crashed into a hospital emergency room with a car that burst into flames in February 2018, authorities report. The driver had multiple gas containers in the car when he crashed through an entrance to Middlesex Hospital. Authorities report that the man’s motives weren’t known. It is further reported that the driver is man in his 20’s who is known to Middletown police. A man who lives across the street from the hospital said he heard what sounded like an explosion and saw a man on fire come running out screaming for help. First responders put the man on a gurney and took him to a different hospital


FLORIDA: Under the sea? Two crooks were finally arrested this January for stealing long-lost sunken treasure from a Florida museum. A $550,000 solid gold bar, which was lost under the sea for 350 years, went missing from a display at the Maritime Heritage Museum in Key West eight years ago. Federal agents charged Jared Goldman, 32 of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Richard Johnsen, 41, of Rio Linda, California, with stealing the gold.  It appears that the bar was recovered from a Spanish ship that sank amid a 1622 hurricane.


FLORIDA: Super Bowl hi-jinks? An argument over which team would win the February 2018 Super Bowl prompted a “boozy” woman to throw a wooden shelf at her boyfriend, injuring him, authorities reported. Cheryl Merrill, 60, of Ponte Vedra Beach, was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery after she allegedly tossed the shelf at her boyfriend of five years just after the kickoff.





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