Weird Criminal Law Stories # 515: The smell wasn’t jet fumes

AUSTRIA: They were not jet fumes! A commercial flight had to make an emergency landing in Austria when a fight broke out over a man who reportedly wouldn’t stop loudly passing gas. The Transavia Airlines flight was en route from Dubai to Amsterdam when two fellow fliers asked the stinker to control himself. When he refused, angry words and then punches were exchanged. Amid the mayhem the flight alit in Austria.


TEXAS: There will be no second date! A woman allegedly damaged $300,000 worth of art, including two original Andy Warhol paintings, belonging to a lawyer on a first date. Lindy layman, 29, of Dallas was arrested on charges of criminal mischief for the destruction of Anthony Buzbee’s artwork. The police report maintains that the belligerent woman allegedly tore down the pricey paintings from the wall and threw two sculptures.


THAILAND: An ugly American if there ever was one? A U.S. tourist was arrested in Thailand’s Phuket Airport in early January 2018, after he overdosed on Viagra, stripped naked and went on a rampage. It has been reported that Steve Cho allegedly shouted like a maniac and threw his own feces at airport security guards before he was arrested by police. PHEW!


UTAH: The headline read, “Any way you slice it, that’s wrong. We learn that at least four Salt Lake City parking-compliance officers were fired in December 2017 for allegedly letting restaurant workers park illegally – in exchange for free pizza. An “unusual pattern” of voided tickets near the Sicilia Pizza Kitchen prompted a city probe that reportedly found that workers mostly ducked tickets by displaying Sicilia Pizza menus on the dashboards of their cars.


IRELAND: The headline read, “He hit the bottle, a ditch, and himself.” Police said they found Brian Fogg, 27, behind the wheel of a car stuck in a ditch in Belfast. However, when they asked him to take a blood-alcohol test, he hit himself in the face three times, causing himself to bleed so police would have to give him first aid.  Nevertheless, Mr. Fogg was charged with criminal mischief and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.


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