Weird Criminal Law Stories # 538: Irony, Maybe?

FLORIDA: Irony, maybe? The Superintendent of Schools in Melbourne almost got a ticket. Desmond Blackburn was driving his official SUV in early April 2018 when he illegally passed a stopped school bus where students were disembarking while local police were running a bus-safety campaign, called “Operation BUSted.” The embarrassed superintendent did not receive a ticket but was sent on his way after being given a warning by bemused officers.

GEORGIA: She should have just said thank you. An Alabama woman was given an unwelcome package of ham. Beverly Harrison, 62,allegedly set the family gift on fire in a garbage can, causing an explosion that severely damaging her room in the Bomar Inn in Athens, Georgia. “She didn’t want the ham,” said police who came to the Inn and arrested her for arson.

IRELAND: Demanding mother-in-law? It has been reported that an Irish man is seeking a cash award because his lice-in mother-in-law was so obnoxious. The separated couple, from Dublin is fighting in family court where the unnamed husband claims his wife’s 78-year-old mother was expensive to care for and nearly drove him crazy. Allegedly she rearranged his sock drawer, griped about his cooking and walked into his bedroom wearing only her underwear, he fumed.

JAPAN: A nude awakening for this guy. Kenichi Kuroiwa, 49, a city official in the town of Kochi admitted to strolling naked with his trash to a waste-collection station on most mornings. Putting on clothes,he said, “bothered him.” Nevertheless, when Mr. Kuroiwa’s “not putting on clothes” bothered his neighbors, he was arrested at 6:20 am on an April Monday in April for public indecency.

ILLINOIS: Repeat offender… we learn that a woman previously arrested for DUI-related offenses in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana,California, Oregon and Minnesota was recently charged with drunken driving in Illinois. Tasha Schleicher, 41, was arrested in the town of Riverside, where she had passed out at the wheel of her car at a gas station after trying to fill the car with kerosene, instead of gasoline, police said.

ILLINOIS: Hot Mama, huh? A woman is suing a restaurant over “dangerously” hot lasagna – which she says sprayed her with sauce when she tried to eat. Theresa Thomas claims marinara shot out of the pasta and burned her left hand when she touched it with a fork at Osteria Ottimo in Orland Park.

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