Weird Criminal Law Stories # 537: All Florida

FLORIDA: This was not the way to a man’s affections.Recently a woman got so mad at her husband for not being affectionate, she punched him in the face, say police. Jacqi Hunter allegedly socked her husband in the right eye at their Bunnell home. When her battered spouse tried to escape, she blocked his way and unplugged their landline, according to the police who carted her off to jail.

FLORIDA: The headline read, “What a saucy love triangle.” Two men, John Silva and Derrick Irving, stand accused of breaking into their former lover’s house and trying to burn it down using a can of spaghetti sauce. It was reported that Irving was wearing a bull costume. The two burglars then stole electronics from their former boyfriend’s house. Police found a can of spaghetti sauce left on a stove burner, as well as a washcloth placed near the open flame.

FLORIDA: You snooze, you lose! A woman broke into a vehicle at a car dealership near Ocala to take a nap and accidentally lit the car on fire with a lit cigarette, according to a police report.  Dolores Graham, 62, was arrested for burglary.

FLORIDA: A bust in the mouth, maybe? A woman claims she was permanently injured when a drag queen wiggled her fake breasts in her face and slammed them against her head and neck repeatedly during a dinner performance at Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa. Neldin Molina is seeking $million in damages from drag queen Amanda D’Rhod and the restaurant.

FLORIDA: Birdnapping? In mid-March a thief was chased by a flock of peacocks when he snatched one of birds from the flock from outside of a Miami home. The thief, caught on surveillance-camera was able to reach his truck and escaped before being assaulted by the flock, authorities said. No arrest has been made.

FLORIDA: Assault and bitery? A woman came to the defense of a 19-year-old pal – by biting the leg of the Sheriff’s deputy trying to arrest him. Alex Roque allegedly stole from a store near Tampa. As he was being arrested Ellen Page, 24, was herself arrested for interfering. She then wiggled out of her handcuffs and allegedly bit the deputy through his pants leaving a bloody gash.

FLORIDA: Opossum? A woman called the police for help when she discovered a baby marsupial in her dresser drawer. “I don’t know how to explain this… I think it’s a possum,” Dagne Kulper, 53, told Lantana police.  We learn that the opossum was taken into custody without incident and released back to its parents with a stern warning,’ police said.

FLORIDA: Not normal, indeed! It has been reported that a teenager’s prank turned really insane when, after egging the school gym,he bit off the head of a live chicken in a school agriculture program. The 17-year-old high school student, who was not identified faces animal cruelty charges.“This is not normal,” said Volusia county Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

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