Weird Criminal Law Stories # 542: Don’t Cross Her…

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, “don’t cross her.” Anji Rhys, 49, of Dunstable in England shot a masked intruder with a crossbow after a band of thugs wielding hammers and machetes busted into her home. Rhys, a former boxer, said she “grabbed my crossbow and had a little tussle” with a machete-wielding man. She said she shot him in the stomach and the gang fled.

AUSTRALIA: Mom of the Year – Not! A mom who filmed herself saying “Go for it son” didn’t fare well. Why not? She was sentenced to nine months in jail for encouraging her 11-year-old to take his first bong hit of marijuana. In a video that went viral, the mom states, “Here we are recording my boy having his very first bong.” The boy is then seen lighting up and smoking.

AUSTRALIA: Gone in 600 seconds? We learn that an Australian with a need for speed lost his new Porsche to the police impound lot ten minutes after buying it. The Melbourne driver, 37, was clocked going 60 mph in a 40-mph zone on Aughtie Drive, part of the city’s Grand prix circuit. Police took his 2013 Porsche SUV for 30 days.

CALIFORNIA:  Attempted gumball theft. A clumsy burglar smashed a window at a Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento and climbed into the building. He then tried to pull a large gumball machine back out through the window, however it was too large, and the treats spilled onto the floor, a surveillance video shows. The burglar eventually fled without the machine.

CALIFORNIA: The headline read, “His luck ran out.” A former security guard who won $19 million in the California lottery pleaded guilty to robbing four banks in a string of much-less-lucrative robberies. James Hayes, who hit the jackpot two decades ago, handed notes to several tellers demanding cash, and sometimes claimed to having a gun, during the LA area hold-ups. It appears he made off with a total of $40,000, less than 1 percent of his lottery winnings. We wonder where the lottery money went?

CANADA: The headline read, “Bad apple arrested, thanks to a single cherry.” It appears that America’s most wanted deadbeat dad was arrested in Canada after he tried to scam a restaurateur by claiming a cherry pit broke his expensive dental work.  Joseph Stroup, 64, who owes $560,000 in unpaid child support, demanded Scott Winograd, the owner of the Bears Den in Calgary pay for his dental work damage. Instead Winograd googled Stoup’s name, learned there was a warrant out for his arrest and called police.

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