Weird Criminal Law Stories # 543: Ripped off the wrong fellow

CONNECTICUT: Could he have ripped off the wrong fellow. We learn that in January of 2018 a man stole a rookie police officer’s personal vehicle and went on a buying spree with the victim’s credit cards at Taco Bell and Walmart. Derrick Johnson, 21, stole the car in Waterbury on January 23, the night of the officer’s Police Academy graduation. He was caught in March and was charged with burglary, second degree larceny and identity theft.

FRANCE: Fined for working too much? Recently a French baker was fined $3,700 for working too much.  Cedric Vaivre, who owns the La Boulangerie du Lac in the Northern town of Lusigny-sur-Barse says he received notice of the fine for violating a law that provides that bakeries must close once a week. French authorities maintain the workers from long hours.

ILLINOIS: No, no to melatonin-stuffed treats.  It has been reported that Illinois parents are not “sweet” on three day-care teachers. Why not? Allegedly these day care teachers fed their toddlers gummy bears laced with sleep mediation. Kristen Lauletta, Jessica Heyse and Ashley Helfenbein allegedly passed out melatonin-stuffed treats to tots ages 2 and 3 before nappy time at the Kiddie Junction Day Care Center in Des Plaines. They were each charged with endangering the life or health of a child.

ILLINOIS: Bobcat weapon arrest? This one is about a squatter who had an unusual weapon for his defense. Philip Giese, 41, allegedly turned an abandoned store in the Chicago suburb of Oakland Park into his own home, complete with two loaded pistols, 100 rounds of ammo and a unusual pet – a bobcat! He was arrested on an illegal weapons charge. We learn that the bobcat was turned over to state officials.

MASSACHUSETTS:  Police solve case of “fowl” play. Police officer Wayne Thornhill of the Seekonk police department recently pulled over a car an saw a backpack in the backseat move on its own.  The backpack turned out to be stuffed with seven chickens stolen from a nearby farm. The 20-year-old driver was arrested for larceny and animal cruelty. We learn, further, that the chickens were returned to their owner.

MICHIGAN: Getaway snowmobile? It has been reported that a man drove a stolen snowmobile straight into a party store in a strange bid to steal cigarettes and lottery tickets. Michael Stark allegedly plowed the vehicle into the store’s front door. Police found him in a ditch after following the snowmobile tracks leading away from the scene.

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