Weird Criminal Law Stories # 545: Serial toilet clogger?

WISCONSIN: A serial toilet clogger is on the loose? Local police are trying to hunt down the delinquent who has cost the city of Sheboygan thousands of dollars for repeatedly clogging the toilets in a women’s public restroom. Police say that for the past year and a half, someone has clogged the toilets in the Deland Community Center by stuffing soda bottles into the bowls.

TENNESSEE: Low speed chase… An energetic elderly woman led police on a low-speed chase by zipping onto a busy highway in her mobility scooter. The woman, who appeared to be in her 80’s blew though a red light and rolled through an intersection before merging onto I-55 in Memphis, where she was eventually stopped by police. Police report that her geriatric scooter was decked out with flower and an oxygen tank.

TEXAS: Deadly birthday party- only in Texas! An early March birthday party turned deadly when some gun-play went haywire. One reveler at the Houston bash donned a bulletproof vest and then another guest fired a shot at him – killing the man. It isn’t clear if the bullet went through the vest or hit the man elsewhere. Only in Texas kids! Do not try this at home.

TEXAS: Wild Airbnb party? A young man who threw a party that resulted in $18,000 in damage to the Airbnb rental had the gall to leave a three-star rating. Chelsea McGovern’s San Antonio was left littered with broken glass and urine-soaked sheets after the unidentified guest spent one night there with hundreds of friends and complained that his host was difficult to reach.

TEXAS: Raid on an illegal dance studio?  Gamblers in Houston used a Zumba studio as an illegal front for a back-alley casino. Authorities shut down dozens of illicit gaming machines and seized heroin and thousands of dollars at the makeshift gambling den in Houston.

UNITED KINGDOM: DNA gets its man! A Britisher rapist was foiled by his bladder because he urinated in a neighbor’s potted plant and police used DNA to convict him. Eric McKenna, 59, of Newcastle, was arrested and sent to trial for rapping two women over 30 years ago and was sentenced to 23 years in prison. We learn police didn’t suspect him until 2016, when they were called to the to a dispute between McKenna and his neighbor and took a sample of the urine-soaked plant soil. Bingo! It was his urine.

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